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VISITING Whangārei Pistol Club

We welcome the curious, the adventurous, and all ages.

One of Whangārei Pistol Club’s objectives is to promote the sport of pistol shooting, and we are always happy to show visitors around the range.

We recommend that you email us in the first instance

For more information, go to Visiting Whangārei Pistol Club.

Whangārei Pistol Club provides events called corporate shoots for team building, social events, and weeding out of undesirable work colleagues. Go to Corporate Shoots for more information.

JOINING Whangārei Pistol Club

Joining WPC takes seven to twelve months and there are no shortcuts or exceptions. Pistol shooting is a privilege that we want to be available to all New Zealanders, and this requires diligence, vigilance and stubbornness.

There are three stages to joining WPC — the process is the same for all pistol clubs in New Zealand:

  1. Doing the paperwork dance with New Zealand Police, WPC committee, and Pistol New Zealand;
  2. Putting in the time and ammunition to know how to handle a pistol safely, shoot a pistol safely, and have a grand ol’ time safely.
  3. Doing one more paperwork dance because you’ve shown yourself to be
    a. a fit and proper person to shoot pistols, and
    b. the club trusts you enough to shoot on its ranges.

For more information, go to Joining Whangārei Pistol Club.