Corporate Shoots


This is a great way for groups of people to be introduced to the sport of Pistol Shooting!

You will get to try out the Clubs 9mm and .22 hand guns under supervision from our Qualified Range Officers. You will have a go at shooting a range of targets and courses of fire.

This is a terrific time for group bonding, for those who are competitive or just simply to try out something that’s new.

These events are quite popular for Businesses who want to do something different for their employees or you can organise a group of family and friends for a get together.

Along with numerous Business House Shoots from large to small businesses over the years, there have been Birthday Parties, Hens Parties, etc.

How to enquire?
Simply send an email to advising that you wish to organise a Business House Shoot.

How many people can I bring along?
Any number from 2 to 24 shooters is good.  This does not include any spectators who might want to watch.

How long does this go on for!
With a maximum of 24 it can take from 2-3 hours.

What kind of safety gear do we need?
Earmuffs and safety eye wear are essential. If the participant does not have these the club can provide them. Anybody who normally wears glasses, these are suitable. Participant must wear covered shoes, no sandals/jandals. No loose clothing. Caps/hats can also be worn, especially if it’s hot.

How much does this cost?
The charge $50.00 per shooter. This covers the cost of using the hand guns and the ammunition.

What is the best date and times?
A weekend that suits can be organised. The Club does have competitions so these days will be unavailable but this will be advised at the time of enquiry. Basically anytime that suits your group, however Saturdays seem to work the best.

What else is available?
We offer the use of our BBQ and Kitchen facilities. You can have a BBQ & Alcohol after all shooting has been completed but this is BYO!