If you wish to join the Whangarei Pistol Club, you need to talk to the Club Secretary.

If you have not got your A licence you will need to get this.

Once you have joined you start your six month probation period, You must attend and participate in 12 club shoots within that six month period.

You can complete your 12 club shoots before the six months, but you are still on a six month probation period.

You will also go through a 4 stage basic training programme with the Club Trainer, covering

  • Range Safety
  • Safe Pistol Handling
  • Range Commands
  • Live Fire Exercise

Training will be on a club day one Sunday a month, which will have to be signed off by the Club Trainer.

You will also need to become a Club Range Officer. To do this you will have learned the range commands in the basic training programme and pass the club R/O safety test.

You now need to put them into practice on the range under the supervision of a Qualified Range Officer, you have to show you can run a live range safely.

You then need to be signed off by at least four Section Directors of our disciplines (Steel, Service, IPSC, NRA, ISSF), once this has been passed you can sit a multi-choice test which will be sent to Pistol New Zealand.

Before any of the above has been undertaken you cannot take a pistol out of its bag, load a pistol, fire a pistol, unless under the supervision of a Qualified Range Officer or a B licence holder.

At the end of your six month probation period if all of the above has been passed and signed off you may apply for your B licence (pistol) which means you need to ask the Club Secretary or the Club President to put your application for a (B) licence endorsement forward to the Club Committee at the next club meeting.

If it is passed you then take the endorsement and $ which you pay at the post office to the Whangarei Police Station. (You cannot own or buy a pistol until your licence is sent to you from the NZ Police).

NOTE: This may take up to 12 months from the time you started to the time you receive your licence.

You may be turned down for a B licence (pistol) if any of the five Section Directors,
Qualified Range Officers or the Club Committee does not think you are safe with a pistol or ready to own a pistol.

You may talk to the Club President about what you can do to obtain a B Licence. It may be you need more time with a pistol, or to work on safety.